Sustainable Marine deliver first floating tidal power to Nova Scotia grid has today published an article about Sustainable Marine who has successfully harnessed the enormous tidal currents in Canada’s Bay of Fundy to deliver the first floating in-stream tidal power to Nova Scotia’s grid.

The company’s CEO, Jason Hayman, said this achievement marks a significant milestone both for the company and Canada’s broader marine energy ambitions. It demonstrates that the Bay of Fundy’s huge tidal energy resource – which contains more than four times the combined flow of every freshwater river in the world – can be effectively harnessed. It could, according to the company, provide up to 2500MW of clean and predictable energy for Canada.

“Achieving ‘first power’ to the grid from our new platform in Grand Passage … crystalizes the journey we’ve been on, following almost a decade of rigorous research, development and testing,” said Hayman.

“The project has enabled Sustainable Marine to gradually acquire skills and resources to deliver turnkey projects, including a multipurpose construction vessel called the Tidal Pioneer, and a suite of remotely operated subsea installation machines supporting our Swift Anchors technology.”

Hayman said the company is actively monitoring the project for interactions with marine animals, and will build up power production in stages.

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