Tidal energy – and tidal stream energy in particular – is a particularly reliable source of renewable energy because it is predictable and guaranteed, irrespective of the weather.

How does it work?

The tides are ultimately created by the Earth’s rotation, together with its gravitational interaction with the moon and sun. Tidal stream power is inexhaustible, predictable (out to 100 years and beyond) and has a smaller environmental footprint than some other forms of renewable energy.

While there are various tidal turbine designs, they all use the movement of the tides to slowly rotate, activating a generator that produces electricity.

Tidal power became a favourable solution for carbon neutral energy, because:

  • The electricity generated is renewable and sustainable
  • Technological advances mean that tidal stream energy is now operationally proven
  • Tides are predictable and reliable, making it easy to manage tidal energy’s contribution to electricity generation and could complement energy storage and grid services
  • Tidal energy contributes to UK and international targets for renewable energy generation as well as its commitments under the Paris Agreement and The Government’s declared objective of Net Zero by 2050


Turn the Tide on Tidal (MET CERT Version)

What is Tidal Energy?

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