We are aware that inaccurate information is circulating about the project. We want to make sure that everyone has clear and factual details about what’s happening with PTEC, summarised below: 

PTEC is not being sold

Following the recent announcement by the UK Government that they have issued an intervention notice for the acquisition of Perpetuus Group by Taurus International Ltd and others, PTEC (Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre) would like to confirm that it is not being sold.  The intervention notice relates to another company within the group, Perpetuus Advanced Materials, which is run independently.  

Height of substation

The substation currently undergoing review within the planning application process will be a single storey building adjacent to the current Southern Water pumping house at Flowers Brook. The building is 7.6m at its highest point.  We appreciate and respect the beauty of this area and its appeal to both residents and visitors. We therefore plan to conceal the building as much as possible through cutting edge architecture and sympathetic landscaping, which can be seen in our planning submission.  

We are currently seeking planning permission for the substation and associated onshore infrastructure.   

Height of tidal turbines

There has been misinformation shared that the turbines will be ten storeys high. This is untrue. The Orbital O2 turbine that has been announced as part of the project is a floating turbine. The turbine blades lower into the water on movable ‘arms’. The device will resemble a low ship and is 2m high.   

Generation target

The entire planning process has been based on a 30MW output. If PTEC were to look to increase this, then it would need to start the offshore and onshore consenting process all over again. We are absolutely committed to bringing forward this proposal for the delivery of 30MW of predictable tidal power.   

Grid connection

PTEC has received a grid offer and we expect to have this finalised in the coming weeks.   

Operational energy generating site

PTEC is a commercial application of proven, tested* tidal devices. It is not a test site. The project will generate clean, renewable energy to the UK’s national grid.   

*The Orbital O2 device is currently undergoing third generation testing in Orkney. It was fully installed four months ago and has begun exporting energy to the grid. Other devices have been extensively tested and are in operation in other sites throughout the world.  

Substation noise

We are committed to being a good neighbour to the residents of Ventnor. Noise testing is an important part of our planning and one of the planning conditions is a noise limit of 52dB measured at one metre from the building. This is comparable with the sound of an electric fan. This shall ensure that there shall be no noise impacts at residential receptors.  

Offshore lighting

We fully support and respect the dark skies initiative and will only install lighting that is required as part of our consent as granted by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).   

The PTEC site will be marked by standard navigation buoys, which will be lit at night. The turbines will not be illuminated. It is also possible that the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency, Trinity House and the MMO may require some additional lighting to satisfy their navigational requirements.    

Wildlife impact

We conducted extensive research on the potential impact to brown crab, marine mammals and other sea life and there is no evidence tidal turbines cause any damage. Our partner, EMEC, has been testing tidal devices in Orkney for many years and actively involves the local fishing community in assessing wildlife impacts. To date there have been no negative findings. We will follow the same approach at PTEC.  

Marine navigation

There will be no disruption to marine navigation, either for leisure or commercial sailing. The Round the Island Race route will not be impacted by the PTEC site and participants will navigate around it as they do other areas locally. The PTEC site is fully consented for its offshore infrastructure.  


We hope this information is helpful and reassuring. We truly believe that PTEC will deliver a wealth of positive benefits with minimal impacts to Ventnor and the Isle of Wight.