PTEC is a state-of-the-art tidal energy generation project that has already achieved planning consents and secured a connection offer to the electricity grid network. PTEC aims to cement the UK’s position at the centre of an exciting new global energy sector, unlocking significant investment and job creation.

The PTEC approach – a readymade, ‘live’ commercial platform run in partnership with the local council and various turbine manufacturers – presents an exciting model for the tidal energy industry. Its success could accelerate the deployment of other marine renewables projects elsewhere in the country.

PTEC will bring together a range of different tidal turbine technologies in one setting. They will be positioned in groups or ‘arrays’ within an area of five square kilometres. Export cables on the seabed will bring the electricity generated from the site to an onshore substation.

Unique model

PTEC’s model is unique: to pre-consent the project (under a wide design envelope) and collaboratively work with the local council and turbine manufacturers. It is also commercially minded, in providing power to the grid and technological optimisation simultaneously. All of this means that PTEC will provide a blueprint for low cost, low risk tidal energy production in the UK.

Including a variety of different turbine technologies drives competition and productivity. Cost reduction is built into the commercial model.

Rapid development

The terms we’ve agreed with our tidal turbine manufacture partners ensure we share both the risks and rewards – and ultimately the motivation – to make this venture as financially and technologically rewarding as possible.

Rigorous process

Work on the project began in 2010 and the seabed Agreement for Lease was secured in November 2012. PTEC’s planning application was granted by the local planning authority in September 2015 and by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) in April 2016. The approval process has been rigorous, involving significant consultation. Any potential environmental and community impacts have been closely examined.